Message From Chairman

Welcome to You Devdaha Medical College & Research Institute (DMCRI) , an Instiution that Imparts  quality medical education to our students to get an overall experience that makes them doctors of high quality and integrity . DMCRI is committed to produce doctors who understand the health needs of Nepal.

We believe in the principles of hard work, on which there is no compromise. DMCRI is dedicated to the students career and every effort will be made to make them outstanding professionals, who may treat us someday. However, this is not possible without the active co-operation of the students and guardians. Sincerity and hard work is paramount to become a successful, competent doctor in the future.

DMCRI is also committed to impart training in grassroots level services. We aim to DMCRI a center of academic excellence, and we hope our students will support us. They must not only achieve academically, but should also excel in extra-curricular activities, so as to glorify their own names and that of the institution.

I invite students from all corners of the country to join DMCRI. It will be our pleasure to shape your future.

I welcome you all and extend my heartiest wishes for every success that you deserve.