Board Of Directors

There are five members constituting Board of directors.

Board of Governors:

The main function of the Board of Governor is to monitor the working of the college and hospital to ensure that:

1.   The conditions stipulated in the agreement with the Ministry of Education are complied with.

2.   The norms and standard of the affiliating University and DMCRI are met.

3.   The progress on creation of committed infrastructure is at an expected rate to ensure progressive development for the 4th year of study and the service in the hospital is as per requirement to meet the educational needs of the students.

4.   The law of the land is not violated and transparency is reflected in the activities of the institution.


1.   Planning

2.   Implementation

3.   Monitoring and Supervision

4.   Evaluation (Internal/External)


For the execution of the project, the company has planned to contribute a qualified Project Management Group (PMG) of proven record of accomplishment.

The PMG will be responsible, broadly, for the following:

1.   Initial mobilization of money, manpower and materials.

2.   Review of tender documents prepared by the consultants of civil construction and supply of machinery / equipment, installation and commissioning.

3.   Provision of power, water and communication facilities.

4.   Active involment in the award of contracts.

5.   Follow up monitoring and control on quality, performance, cost, time schedules of

6.   Coordination between all executing agencies, DMCRI & RC management, government the proposed company efficiently and effectively.

Composition of the board/ body/community

1.   Take the instruction and decision of the meeting in at force.

2.   Responsible for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the overall project.

3.   Present the annual programme, annual or supplementary projected budget, and progress report in general meeting.

4.   Recruitment of the staffs and their promotion as per the recommendation of selection committee.

5.   Fund Management.

6.   Centralize all the activities and monitoring them effectively.

7.   Make the plans for the future development in education service and research etc. of the college.

8.   Manage offices, teaching strategy, hospital, laboratory, library etc. effectively.


1.   By Making the effective management of educational programme of all level, establish as the model or bonafide organization in the field of medical science.

2.   Develop the college as the health science organization of the international standard.

3.   Maintain the proper understanding with different national and international standard.

4.   Maintain the proper understanding with different national and international leveled universities, organizations etc. for the proper internship, training, research etc.

5.   Allocate the places for the research of medical science.


Prime consideration has been given in preparing the master plan to integrate it with the surrounding environment, nature topography, landscape features, social and cultural value of user and their living habits. The master plan has been laid out by considering the following factors:

1.   Flexibility for growth (horizontal and vertical)

2.   Functional relationship of activities and grouping

3.   Safety measures (structural and accidental)

4.   Economy

5.   Flexible choice of content and interchangeability

6.   Engineering philosophy