About Hospital


A 400 beded teaching hospital, popularly known as DMCRI , has been provided for the students as a place for clinical study and posting only after successful completion of Integrated Basic Medical Science hours. Apart from the students’ involvement, this hospital serves approximately a quarter of a million people a year, from its district and outskirt areas involving the neighboring states of India also, with much advanced medical services in almost all clinical areas.

General Surgery
Internal Medicine
Gynaecology and Obstetrics
Dermato - Venerology
1. OPD Department:
OPD Department lies in ground floor of block I. It has 28 rooms and it has 30,000 Sq.  .
  1. Medicine OPD
  2. Surgery OPD with dressing room
  3. Orthopaedics OPD with plaster room & Injection room
  4. Ophthalmic OPD with refraction room
  5. E.N.T. OPD
  6. Paediatrics OPD with Immunization room & Child welfare clinic
  7. Obs/Gyn. with ultrasound room 
  8. Psychiatry OPD
  9. Dermato & Venerology OPD
  10. Clinical Laboratory
  11. X-ray department with 1) X-ray room 2) Patient waiting room  3) Dark room  4) Report room  5) Ultrasound room
  12. Pharmacy
  13. Reception & waiting room
2. Administration Department:
This department lies in ground floor of block II. It has26,000 sq. ft. area. 
  1. Medical Superintendent room
  2. Director room
  3. Principal room
  4. Personal Administration room
  5. Computer room
  6. General Administration 
  7. Finance room
  8. Store & record room
  9. Meeting Hall
3. Emergency Department:
This department lies in ground floor of block II. It has 10,000 sq. ft. area.it has separate entry and exit point . Oxygen line has been fitted in all the rooms.  

4. OT Department:
This department lies in first floor of block II. It has26,000 sq. ft. area.It is separated from the other hospital building and separately fumigated and aerated It has separate oxygen line ,washing area ,OT lights , changing rooms, OTS and observation rooms. 
  1. Waiting room for patients 
  2. Four operation theatres
  3. Instruments room
  4. Sterlisation room
  5. Washing room
  6. Doctors room
  7. Separate Male & Female Changing room
  8. Center Sterlisation room
5. Indoor Department:
This department lies in first and second floor of block I & blocks II. It has 70,000 sq. ft. area. Indoor Department can accomadate more than 300 beds & it has 7 blocks each attached with doctors room, nursing counter, store and teaching room. There is 5 seminar hall, 10 duty doctor's room and 10 nurses room.