About college


Welcome to Devdaha  Medical College and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd.

"Knowledge and skills are the keys to success" or "give a man bread and feed him for a day, but teach him to farm and feed him for life".


Devdaha Medical College and Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. aims to produce medical professionals who can compete in national and international level. It's our pleasure to take this step to contribute in the field of health and medicine. We are determined and dedicated to take any sort of challenges to provide quality medical education and health services. The college is located in the Western Region of Nepal at Butwal, one of the leading commercial hub. We are highly committed to adopt modern technology and tools. DMCRI  is affiliated with the  Kathmandu University Students at Devdaha  Medical Collage become part of a quite homely environment cared by most loving and outstanding academic staff of the college. I very warmly invite student to joint our highly qualified community here in the DMCRI.


This college is an international institution, established for excellent academic achievements and research work. It aims to prove a sound and peaceful environment to conduct most recent medical research activities in a International level. It also aims to develop and promote new concept in the field of tourism Medical tourism.Apart from Medical College, it aims to establish a regional referral hospital. It is commuted to promote Butwal as a medical city by establishing various level of medical institutions in future. Our valuable term is working to rove DMC as one of the pioneer medical institution of his south Asian region.


Our degree has wide recognition and acceptance which I believe, will be highly valued by the employers and Medical institutions. Student from different continents of the world will be helped and motivated by staffs and employers of the college. DMC believes in cross culture environment, which will assist in making the organization a diverse and unique among the rest to the medical colleges in the country. All students at he DMCRI are helped to attain their full potential with high level of educational facilities. We proved safe secure and cost efficient comfortable accommodations for students in him premises of the college. We are committed to serve most hygienic and nutrious vegetarian ad non-vegetarian food at a berry reasonable rice. Your first step at the college will be warmly welcomed by our staff.  You will feel as if you are at home since we will create a homely environment 'Home distant from home".


Looking at reasons, I am pretty sure; your first choice will be to join DMCRI  to make your future secured. I look forward to seeing you at DMCRI,Nepal.


Health service is one of the basic needs of the people. In order to raise the health service, the role of health manpower is extremely vital. The qualified manpower forms the backbone of any health service programs. In this light, establishment of a teaching hospital in the country for catering to the increasing number of needy people is a well-timed step. In this light a team of DMCRI  had explored the possibility of establishing a medical college inNepal. Realizing the demand of aMedicalCollegein The country  Devdaha MedicalCollegeand Research Institute has emerged. The concept works with the prime objectives of promoting medical college and teaching hospital to produce trained and qualified medical doctors on one hand and providing qualitative and stand red medical facilities of the people of this region on the other hand. Although health   is the major responsibility of the government considering the limited and multitude problems being faced by the country, it is impractical to hope and demand that the government only will be able to solve the huge problems in short time. Hence with financial and other assistance from various communities,Devdaha MedicalCollegeand Research Institute is going to start to proved community health development programme. DMCRI will be supported by professionals belonging to medical, finance, Management, and academic disciplines through personal financial contribution as start up capital. In first Bach there will be 60 students enrollment per session. The aim is to make a healthy & educated society in which children are prepared to face nay constrain in life with moral dignity and helpful and loyal citizens to the country.


Devdaha MedicalCollegeand Research Institute Pvt. Ltd. is an international Academy imparting Medical skill and confidence to its students who come from all art of the world. The faculty too shall be as far as possible, international in character .


Lumbini- The birth place of Lord Buddha, the receded man of absolute accomplishment in this milieu Devdaha  is Maternal hime of Lord Buddha, Butwal is bestow with a good share from the bounty of natural beauty that can' be pictured through words. Painting won't be of a good help either. The free soul of a free life only can behold and marvel at it.

The motherly lap of the vast Mahabharata range has given a gracious place to Butwal in its southern portion. Butwal enjoys pollution less greenery, jungles, and show-clad peaks view in the distances, the human art and architecture is manifest through the famous temples.